Baby You’re a Firework!!

Posted on January 24, 2015 in Holidays & Special Occasions | Comments Off on Baby You’re a Firework!!

It’s all in the presentation . . .

Surprise your Valentine with candy, jewelry or a proposal in this sexy, unusual wrapper made from
recycled materials. Just untie the ribbon and let the message or treats fall out.
Wrapped like a firecracker, your gift will show your Valentine just how hot and loving you are!


Materials Needed:

TP tube

Crepe paper




Paper (accordion)

Red heart rhinestone

White glue

Here’s How:

Cut and glue crepe paper to fit TP tube
Glue doily, accordion paper with gathered lace,and heart rhinestone to center of firecracker
Place your sweets inside the cracker and tie both ends with ribbon
Cut out a mini heart and glue to accordian pleated paper, then glue rhinestone heart to it.