Wild West Bucking Bronco

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Fire up your Fourth of July picnic table with this red, white and blue centerpiece.


This festive, colorful flower arrangement made with recycled and re-use items celebrates freedom with a Wild West theme. There’s no fencing in this wild and free Bucking Bronco.


Materials Needed:

Decorative tea or juice bottle

Rope Scarf

A western-style pin Small cowboy hat

Glue gun

Artificial flowers (mine are chrysanthemums)

Dried materials: natural wheat, tree fern, larkspur, weed flowers

Here’s How:

Wash the bottle
Tie and loop rope to make a lasso around neck of bottle
Tie scarf over rope and tie a knot
Pin the western-style pin to the cowboy hat
Glue hat to neck of bottle (on the side)
Arrange the dried materials and artificial flowers in bottle