Woofy the Fun Bow-Wow

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How much is that doggie in the window? The doggie in the photograph is practically for free. “Woofy,” the Bow Wow, will attract children and adults alike. This household pet comes with no dirt or responsibility.

Materials Needed:

Newspaper — trash or recycle bin

Paper mache premix (store bought) — craft shop

Masking tape — hardware store

Krylon spray paint (chocolate brown) hardware store

Acrylic paint(white) — hardware store

A scarf — thrift shop

Here’s how:

Crush newspaper into shape of dog
Use masking tape to attach appendages to body
Wrap tape around body to support it
Follow directions for pre-mix paper mache – apply to body and smooth mixture out
Spray paint(chocolate brown) entire body of dog – let dry
Hand paint(white) spots – let dry
Tie scarf around neck