Wee Words From a Leprechaun

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A decoration for your desk is a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. A rock, ribbon, gold coin, a shamrock and a handmade scroll makes a “green” paper weight that lets you kiss the Blarney Stone everyday. According to legend, the kissing of the Blarney Stone brings the gift of persuasive eloquence.

Materials Needed:

A foil gold coin (I had a gold foil cover from a chocolate candy)

A rock

3 leaf paper clover

An Irish saying written on paper, rolled up like a scroll

Hot glue gun


Green twine

Green pipe cleaner (oversized)

Here’s how:

Tie twine around rock, tie a bow at top.
Glue green pipe cleaner to have a long tail to house Irish paper saying (scroll)
The Saying: “May your blessings out number the Shamrocks that grow. And may trouble avoid you wherever you go.”
Curl the end of pipe cleaner so your scroll will slip in.
Glue your coin at the top with 3 leaf clover.