Wadsworth’s Occasional Table

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Need a small table near that chair? Create one with a surprise secret storage box where you can stash your stuff that sits under your stacked books and acts as a mini table.

Materials Needed:

3/4″ recycled plywood

Old book pages

3 Large books same size



Plain trim

4 identical doorknobs


White glue


Here’s how:

Build box with lid to size of your largest book
Drill two holes in middle of lid so it can be lifted open
(The box itself is w-11″ x d-8″ x h-8″. Overall height of completed table is 14″.)
Select fabric to cover four sides of exterior box
Glue book pages to exterior bottom, and complete interior of box, cover both sides of box lid (overlap pages for interest)
Cut fabric and cover four exterior sides of box, make sure you cut fabric 1″ larger to turn hem at the top, bottom, and side edges of box
Use glue and toothpicks to glide the glue to adhere fabric to box sides
Measure, cut, and glue plain braid to finish edges where fabric and wood meet (Top of lid and bottom of box)
Cut doorknobs at desired height, screw knobs on each corner of bottom of box, (different door knobs have different attachments)
Pile your books on top of lid and add a glass top to protect book top from wet rings