The Sustainable Advocate: Publication of Sustainable San Mateo County – January, 2002

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First published in The Sustainable Advocate
Jauary 2002

2nd Time Around

by Carol A. Tanzi, The Goddess of GarbageTiger Woods may not shop at “Play it Again Sports,” but if he did, it would mean he could save some additional pocket change for incidentals by consigning, trading, or selling his used ‘celebrity status” golf equipment, This 2400 square foot San Bruno shop is chock full of used, but not used up sports equipment, and you don’t have to be a celebrity to do business there.

The meandering aisles lead you to all sorts of sports corners and show you anything from basic golf clubs, tennis rackets, and soccer equipment to unusual fencing, cricket, and croquet sets. As you cruise down through the narrowing paths, you’ll discover numerous points of interest. You might chance upon a bucket of golf balls with a sign that reads, ‘not very experienced golf balls,” 69 cents each or a bucket of tennis balls with a sign attached reading, “they know their way around the court,” 39 cents each.

Teacher, banker, and shop owner Pete Tachis understands the importance of selling used. He saves his customers a lot of money and saves sports equipment from going to the landfill. His store is an outlet for that outgrown sports equipment which all families seem to accumulate.

Not only does the humorous Tachis save you money, but he can make you money, too. He will buy, sell, trade, or consign used and new sporting goods. If you’re looking to save, generally speaking, there is savings of 50% on all sports equipment when buying used instead of new. Golf equipment — specially clubs are very hot.

While Pete doesn’t have time to clean the equipment up before it’s sold again, and he doesn’t repair equipment, he can offer a variety of good quality, well priced, re-used sports equipment at a great savings.

Outdated golf clubs sell for 99 cents each. If the clubs are very old, he will credit 25 cents to the customer as a trade credit. Pete cuts down outdated clubs and re-grips them for children. The price for those clubs is $4.50 each. A set of used clubs range from $80 to $400 tops. Previously owned golf bags sell for between $15-$80.

Exercise equipment runs a close second to the popularity of golf equipment, and baseballs are considered cold. Used soccer cleats cost $10 a pair and old soccer shoes can be traded in with a credit of $4 towards a new pair. These prices will keep you well within your budget.

By buying re-used or recycled you are scoring points in the game of life. You can help conserve resources and energy. reduce waste and pollution, create jobs and improve competitiveness through re-use and recycling. So, the next time you plan a day outside for sports whether you go to a park to play ball, take a hike, or play a round of golf, remember to help the environment by taking and using recycled products.

If you’re out golfing, and your ball lands in a sand trap, remember that even sand is often made from recycled mixed glass cut to the size of sand. Or, when you’re at the 19th hole, celebrating or commiserating, remember that the glass, bottle, or can you might have in your hand has probably been recycled. Are you doing your part?

Care about your city and community. Remember what the Goddess of Garbage says: Choose to reduce, reuse, and recycle!