The Secret is Safe

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Secret is Safe Jar (bank) Secret is Safe Jar (open)

Recycle a jar and various small shells for an upcycled bank for children. An easy project for parents and children to make together, besides teaching them to save money.
Keep the stash hidden away so no one knows where it is, although it is in plain sight.
For good luck, put a penny in it!

Materials Needed:

Jar with lid

Variety of small shells

TP tube & piece of cardboard

Glue gun/sticks


Jute braid & tie

Tiny artificial seafaring creatures


Here’s How:

  • Jar: cut TP tube below rim, cut a piece of cardboard to fit the bottom of jar
  • Glue TP tube to cardboard piece, then glue cardboard to bottom of jar
  • Fill jar with shells working around TP tube, fill to top
  • Tied jute tie around jar rim (seahorses optional)
  • Lid: cut a circular piece of sandpaper & glue to lid
  • Glue jute braid around lid rim
  • Glue seafaring creatures & tiny shells to lid