The Mad Matter Place Mats

Posted on June 17, 2013 in Project Archives | Comments Off on The Mad Matter Place Mats


Make your own place mats for that special dinner party. What could be easier, more personal, and fun?
(How about having someone else cook the dinner?)

Materials Needed:

Flat, corrugated cardboard

A collection of magazine pictures with a theme

Clear contact paper

White glue

Sharp scissors

Spray paint (your choice of color)

Here’s how:

Select and cut your magazine pictures and arrange in collage design
Cut your corrugated cardboard to the size and shape of placemat you desire
Spray back of placemat the color you chose
Let Dry
Glue your magazine pictures to the front of the placemat,following your collage design
After finishing the collage design, cut clear contact paper the size and shape of mat and press on front and back
Trim edges if necessary and you’re ready!