The Key To My Heart

Posted on February 13, 2017 in Blog - Upcycled Galaxy | Comments Off on The Key To My Heart

Key to My Heart

Create a huge heart for that special sweetie.
Made to hang on the wall or place on a table.
It’s up to you where and how you surprise your honey.

Materials Needed:

Cardboard heart


Wallpaper paste

Red & white spray paint

Artificial flowers


Glue gun & sticks

White wire ribbon

Heart trinkets

Small hook

Brass key




Here’s How:

  • Cut large heart out of corrugated cardboard
  • Crush newspaper, glue to heart to make a cushion
  • Cut newspaper strips, using wallpaper paste, to glue over the crushed newspaper
  • Let dry throughly between each step
  • Spray paint red, let dry, then splatter white paint with toothbrush over red paint
  • Glue flowers, trinkets, rhinestones, hook for key,& letters
  • Work in & glue the ribbon into design
  • Make a ribbon hanger and glue to back if you want to hang it.

Happy Valentine’s Day