The Center of Attention

Posted on September 24, 2016 in Blog Archives | Comments Off on The Center of Attention


Although this wedding cake is only 13″ tall, the pink, green, and ecru colors bring attention to the vintage ecru plastic cake topper. This celebratory centerpiece welcomes the bride and groom to a small intimate gathering of their friends at the reception.

Materials Needed:

3 round boxes

3 different papers


Cake Topper

4 artificial flowers, and berries



Gold beads and trim

Vintage scallop shelf paper

Glue gun

White glue

Snippers and scissors

Here’s How: Cover boxes Glue the following: plaid ribbon and leaf garland vintage scallop shelf edge paper and tiny roses gold trim to top edge of boxes tulle and flowers festooning, flowers with gold beads and berries cake topper, decorate with flowers and berries doily to bottom

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