Sweet Keepers Cupcake Holders

Posted on March 17, 2014 in Featured | Comments Off on Sweet Keepers Cupcake Holders

Start your party off with a big bang. Amaze and present your guests by serving classic confectionary cup cakes in these individual happy-looking holders, a delectable delight for children and adults.

Materials Needed for Flower Arrangement:

Yogurt container: one that resembles a cupcake shape (mine is from Trader Joe’s)

2 colors of crepe paper streamers (mine are lime green and shocking pink)

Coordinating color ribbon

2 large cup holders

2 beads

White glue

Glue gun

A pair of buttons, earrings, pearls or rhinestones

1 scratched CD

Felt (mine is pink)

An awl



Felt (mine is pink)

Here’s how:

Glue dominant gathered color crepe streamers to yogurt container covering it completely, overlap the top edge by ½” (mine is pink)
Glue subordinate gathered color and wrap to around the middle of container covering the tapered bottom (mine is lime)
Glue ribbon around middle of container and poke holes, with the awl, evenly of each side for handles (large cup holders)
Trim the screw tips, if needed, with nippers, so they don’t stick out inside the yogurt container
Screw and glue cup holders into place
Glue the beads to each end of cup holders
Cut and glue felt (mine is pink) to bottom of CD
Cut and glue 2 gathered crepe streamers to top of CD creating a poufy skirt-look
Glue finished yogurt container to the middle of the covered CD to create the base