Strawberry Stash

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Strawberry Stash

Create just the right decorative box for those homemade strawberry cookies that will be traveling with you to Aunt Jane’s Thanksgiving Dinner.
After all the cookies are gone, this box makes a nice storage box.

Materials Needed:



White glue


Artificial strawberries

Ribbon: 1/4″ & 1″ wide

Here’s How:

  • Cut paper shapes: one for top & rim, one for bottom, one for around box
  • Glue bottom piece first overlapping sides
  • Glue paper around box
  • Glue & cover top of box wrapping paper around rim
  • Glue 1/4″ ribbon around rim of box (I have two rows)
  • Make a bow from 1″ ribbon & attach to artificial strawberries
  • Glue to top of box