Stackable Snack Stand for Kids

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Stackable Snack Stand for Kids

Surprise the kids when they see this three glass tier plate stand decorated with a happy face and black felt feet. All ages will smile and enjoy selecting from the sweet bounty of fruit, small cakes, candy, and popcorn.

Materials Needed:

E6000 glue

White glue

Clear glass pieces: 1 salad and 2 dinner plates, 2 tall glasses, 1 vase, 1 low bowl (Refer to picture)

Colorful glass pebbles

Colorful straws


Wiggly eyes

Black felt

Lightweight cardboard


Here’s How:

  • Cut two feet out of cardboard and black felt
  • Glue black felt to cover cardboard
  • Glue wiggly eyes and buttons on vase to create a smiling face
  • Cut straws one inch in length
  • Fill two glasses with pebbles and straws
  • Put all the above aside
  • Using E6000 glue: start to build tier from the bottom up with low bowl for the base
    ( refer to picture)
  • Allow one hour in between each piece for drying

Your stand is ready for snacks!