So. San Francisco Scavenger Co. # 3

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The last two recycling projects (in keeping with the Goddess of Garbage’s “outdoor theme”) have arrived at the South San Francisco Learning Center. The Goddess has been busy organizing the presentation of all the recycling projects and is now completing the wall design and shelving for the Learning Center’s  “make-over” reveal in September of this year. Check back soon for a preview of the remodel.

Here’s the last two projects that will be shown at the Learning Center. You can also make these with your kids for an easy and fun activity this summer.


Woven newspaper with a plastic liner is recycled into a functional and amazing “green basket” for gathering and carrying the “finds” of the day; whether they are found in the forest, on a hike or on a treasure hunt looking for everyday objects to upcycle into creative crafts.


Materials Needed:

White glue


Strawberry plastic basket

Blue painter’s tape

Solid color paper

Jute trim


Here’s how:

Cover 4 sides and bottom of basket completely with solid paper
Cover and glue a piece of newspaper to bottom of basket
Fold a strip of newspaper into 5 folds to create a handle
Glue handle to each side of basket
Cut strips of newspaper, weaving a large piece to cover 4 sides of basket
Work on a flat surface using blue tape at ends to keep woven strips in place while working
Upon completing the large woven piece, tape all 4 sides to secure for gluing
Glue and wrap woven piece around 4 sides of basket
Trim top and bottom edges
Glue jute trim to top and bottom edges
Glue jute on top of handle (optional)


Both children and adults will enjoy Busy Beaver Ben, the napkin ring that takes on a whole new job building a fancy table setting for a “glamping” lunch or just livening up the conversation at a summer picnic table.


PVC (plastic pipe )

Piping, braid and ribbon

Plastic toy animal

Glue gun

White glue

Here’s how:

Cut PVC pipe 2″ wide
Sand both edges of cut pipe
Cut braid, piping and ribbon to fit around PVC pipe
Glue piping to both edges of braid
Glue braid with piping around ring
Glue ribbon in middle braid
Glue plastic toy animal (beaver) to side of PVC pipe so animal sits flat on table