Snowman Sculpture

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Snowman Sculpture

This snowman’s star really shines bright when he dreams of being out in the snow covered forest standing near a pine tree hoping the children come by to sing and dance around him. Ah,- here they come – love, joy, and happiness.

Materials Needed:

Creative paper clay

Paint: white, black, orange

Ribbon: green & red, white

Silver fringe, braid, rick rack

Magazine picture scaled to fit inside star box

Tiny tree, snowman

Cotton ball

Holly leaves, red berries

Star box, square box

White glue

Glue gun/ sticks

Red stars (optional)

Here’s How:

  • Refer to picture
  • Invert star box lid, & square box & lid
  • Form head with nose, paint face white
  • Paint star box white
  • Glue 1/4″ ribbon around star box
  • Cut & glue small picture to fit inside star box
  • Glue fringe around design of star shape
  • Arrange cotton & glue to bottom of inside of star box
  • Glue tiny tree & snowman into place
  • Wrap & glue white (3/4″ ribbon) around square box
  • Glue red stars to ribbon(optional)
  • Glue square box bottom to lid, then glue silver rick rack to lid
  • Glue star box to square box
  • Gather red ribbon & glue around snowman’s neck
  • Cut & glue top hat out of black felt
  • Trim with silver trim, & holly
  • Glue head to top of star box

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