Recyclized Halloween Costume

Posted on June 21, 2013 in Holidays & Special Occasions | Comments Off on Recyclized Halloween Costume


No “Bag Lady” ever looked this good! Check out this fabulously stylish “bag dress”.
Caution: You’ll never again be able to use the excuse, “I have nothing to wear!”

Materials Needed:

White Garbage Bags

Red Plastic Bags

Smoke Color Garment Plastic Bags from Dry Cleaner

White Covered Wire


A White Tank Top

A White Skirt

Staple Gun

Safety Pins

Note: The hat is a vintage (1960) straw. The Goddess of Garbage pinned one large plastic red and black rose on it.

Here’s how:

Tank Top: Fan bags and gather, then staple from bottom up, tier and overlap each layer .

Bow: Gather white plastic bag in middle (almost like tying a bow) and drape over shoulder.

Neckline: Braid strips of smoke colored plastic with twine and white covered wire. Staple around neckline.

Skirt: Fan bags and gather, then staple from bottom up. Tier and overlap each layer .

Roses: Cut strips of red plastic, gather and staple in a circular motion. Safety pin rosettes in a scattered pattern throughout the bottom portion of the skirt. You may also put one at the center of top.

Belt: Cut strips (large) of white plastic bags to make a long belt. This will serve as a cumberbund. Make it much longer than waist size so that it can be tied in back with a big bow. Take twine and wrap it around waist and allow it to trail down front of dress with two black plastic roses.