Newsworthy Paper Basket

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Woven newspaper with a plastic liner is recycled into a¬†functional and amazing “green basket” for gathering and carrying the “finds” of the day; whether they are found in the forest, on a hike or on a treasure hunt looking for everyday objects to upcycle into creative crafts.

Materials Needed:

White glue


Strawberry plastic basket

Blue painter’s tape

Solid color paper

Jute trim


Here’s how:

Cover 4 sides and bottom of basket completely with solid paper
Cover and glue a piece of newspaper to bottom of basket
Fold a strip of newspaper into 5 folds to create a handle
Glue handle to each side of basket
Cut strips of newspaper, weaving a large piece to cover 4 sides of basket
Work on a flat surface using blue tape at ends to keep woven strips in place while working
Upon completing the large woven piece, tape all 4 sides to secure for gluing
Glue and wrap woven piece around 4 sides of basket
Trim top and bottom edges
Glue jute trim to top and bottom edges
Glue jute on top of handle (optional)