Meow & Bow-Wow Napkin Rings

Posted on March 17, 2014 in Project Archives | Comments Off on Meow & Bow-Wow Napkin Rings

It doesn’t have to be raining cats and dogs for your guests to enjoy these whimsical napkin ring holders. Your friends will notice and pets are sure to be the topic of conversation. No political talk here, just pet talk! A great way to break the ice, with no fur flying.

Materials Needed for Flower Arrangement:

PVC (plastic pipe)

Coarse file or sandpaper

Large braid for exterior of ring (black)

Piping for edge of braid (black)

Tiny metallic trims (silver)

Decorative ribbon (paw print/checker design)

Plastic toy animal (mine is a dog and cat)

Glue Gun

Tacky white glue


Here’s how:

Cut PVC pipe to size that you want (mine is 1 ½”)
Using coarse file or sandpaper, sand both sides of edges for a smooth touch
Using white glue and toothpicks to ease the glue along, glue black piping along each edge of braid
Glue black braid to exterior of ring
Glue tiny metallic trim to each edge of braid (silver), right up to piping
Glue decorative ribbon (paw print/checker design) in the middle of black braid
Using glue gun, glue toy animal (dog or cat) to side of ring