Last Minute Halloween Decoration and Treats

Posted on October 13, 2015 in Holidays & Special Occasions | Comments Off on Last Minute Halloween Decoration and Treats

I needed a small decoration for my Halloween tablescape, so I created this mini vignette.
It will surely delight your Halloween party guests and maybe even scare some trick or treaters
when placed by the candy bowl on Halloween night.

Mini Halloween Celebration


Materials Needed:

Scraps of paper to cover floor and wall

Scraps of fabric for table cloths

Foam core board for wall, floor and round table

Miniatures (scale: 1″ = 1′ 0″): mine are pumpkins; masks; skeletons; whatever you like

Small twigs to place in mini vase

Acrylic box to keep the dust out

You can arrange any mixture of Halloween miniatures to your liking. Make it scary or spooky. Get creative!

Tag.  You’re it!

Make and attach a Halloween novelty tag to a gift, place card,

bag of candy or all three. Trick or treat anyone?


Materials Needed:

Pipe cleaners: (black & silver)

White Glue

Paper Pumpkin Head

Black and Orange Ribbon

Here’s How:

Twist black pipe cleaners into hands, feet and body.

Loop silver pipe cleaner to hang and belt waist.

Use ribbon to attach to gift, place card or bag of candy