It’s the Real Thing Displays

Posted on June 21, 2013 in Project Archives | Comments Off on It’s the Real Thing Displays


Square up your life with your exciting photos and enjoy thoughts of the real thing. Old Coca-Cola wooden boxes become great displays for your favorite memories, each in their individual selected little squares.

Materials Needed:

“Olde” Coca Cola wooden box

Two-inch wooden pole

White glue


Matte knife

Saw tooth picture hangers

Here’s how:

Arrange your design of small photos beforehand and space them creatively in the box (not all spaces need to be filled).
Cut your 2″ wooden pole into pieces that equal the depth of each square opening (or a bit shorter if you like the photos recessed.
Glue the pole segments into the individual openings.
Cut your photos to fit the size of the opening and glue to pole pieces.
Nail two saw tooth picture hangers on the top rear corners of the box and hang it!