“Bois et Champs” mirror

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Look into this mirror and imagine the freedom of running through the forest and coming upon a meadow sprinkled with wonderful wild flowers in a riot of color. This mirror reflects the spectacular beauty of nature and the colorful beauty of you!

GoGMaymirror“Bois et Champs”

This small mirror is designed and crafted with vintage French children’s animal and flower lotto cards.
Green moss and flowers complement this piece that will brighten any room.


8 1/2″ wood frame Mirror


4 Flowers

4 Leaves (plaster)

Green paint

Hot glue

Tacky glue

White/gold braid

Colorful cards (mine are vintage French lotto cards

Here’s How:

Paint interior edge with green paint
Glue moss to front and sides of frame
Glue white/ gold braid around frame’s edge
Secure mirror into opening
Glue four leaves to corners
Glue four flowers to bottom of leaves
Glue cards into place