Happy Father’s Day

Posted on June 4, 2014 in Holidays & Special Occasions | Comments Off on Happy Father’s Day

fathersdayDad’s personal TV remote holder

Here’s a functional, easy gift idea for Dad that kids can make and a great way to re-purpose those old ties Dad has been getting for years 🙂

Dad will never lose the TV remote again with this easy-to-make container with a pocket for pad and pen or a place to hide secret messages. Now all Dad has to do is sit back in his favorite chair and chill!

Materials Needed for Dad’s Personal TV Remote Holder:

Old Tie


White glue

Soup can


Black magic marker

Needle and thread

An iron

Here’s how:

Mark top and bottom edge of can the color of tie or fabric.
Cut tie to cover can.
Fold the front of tie over to form a pocket.
Iron fold flat and baste it so it doesn’t shift.
Glue cut tie to can, allowing the point of the pocket to be in front of the can.
Glue label to lower part of tie.
Glue trim to the top and bottom of edge of can.