Halloween: Now & Then

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Halloween dates back to 1745 and has always been celebrated on October 31st. The word Halloween evolved from All Hallows’ Eve, a Christian holiday, celebrated the night before All Saints Day and is also believed to be related to an ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain that celebrated the harvest and the beginning of winter.
The Celtic culture believed that on October 31st the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped and the souls of the dead, good or evil, would visit the living. The Christians honored saints and the departed souls who had not yet reached heaven.

Mass immigration of Scots and Irish to North America in the nineteenth century perpetuated the celebration. Today trick or treating is the main event of Halloween in addition to bonfires, costume parties, haunted houses and parades. Jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, bats and witches have also become popular symbols of this ancient holiday. The light from this Halloween candle project just might keep the evil spirits away from your Halloween party.


Candles and Candy Corn for a Halloween Celebration
Ghosts, witches and bats may fly over this table decoration, but there is nothing spooky about it. It’s a fun and eco way to show off decorated, recycled plastic bottles and your crafty skills as an upcycler.

Materials Needed:

7 plastic bottles ( mine are square)


Goo Gone

Washi Tape (5 colors/solid & pattern)

Candy Corn (2 22 oz. bags)

Small twigs

Black mat spray paint

Emory board


Here ‘s How:

Remove label
Use Goo Gone to remove sticky glue
Cut plastic bottles at different heights
Use emory board to sand edges if needed
Wash and dry bottles
Spray small twigs black, put aside
Apply washi tape to create the different widths, colors and designs
Stick candle in the middle of each bottle
Fill with candy corn
Add black twigs around candles