Art of Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is the Chinese art of designing a harmonious environment using placement and arrangement to achieve a oneness with nature. Mysterious power of reflection reveals a parallel world beyond the surface in this mirror. Hang it to encourage the flow of beneficial chi (energy) around a room or employ to deflect harmful sha back to its source.

Materials Needed:

Four strips of wood

Chinese newspaper

L Brackets

Glue stick

White glue

Chinese coins

Chinese paper money

Chinese game pieces


Picture wire and eye screws



Glue gun

Black braid

Here’s how:

Attach 4 strips of wood with L brackets to form frame.
Using glue stick: glue newspaper to cover front side of frame.
Arrange the top corners and bottom of frame with Chinese collection, use glue gun to secure in place.
Remember to place your tassels at the two top corners.
Using white glue, place black braid on inside of edge of frame.
Secure mirror from the back.
Secure eye screws and picture wire.