Eppie the Little Elephant

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Eppie the Baby Elephant

This cute elephant doesn’t squirt water, but she is created from
three water bottles. Eppie leads a quiet life and doesn’t travel
with the thundering herd. She’s the ruler of her own domain.

3 water bottles

Bottle tops


Glue gun

Clear wide tape

Google eyes

1 pipe cleaner

Silver or gray tissue paper

Flexi straw

Gray felt

White glue and water


Craft foam: pink & white

Small decorative hat

Here’s how:

Cut two bottles 4 1/2″ up from bottom for legs
Fill with rice to weigh down
Tape these two bottles to third bottle to form body
Using a nail, poke a hole in middle of each top
Thread a pipe cleaner through tops to make the trunk
Screw last top to bottle
Tape tops in place to secure
Cut slit in back, glue flexi straw to back of bottle for tail
Crinkle tissue paper to give it some texture
Completely cover with tissue using water and white glue
Let dry thoroughly
Cut gray felt for two ears(double-side-4 pieces)
Cut pink craft foam for inner ears, toenails, and nostrils, glue accordingly
Cut white craft foam for tusks
Glue google eyes
Optional: decorative hat & bow for tail