Down Home Gee-Tar

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Cereal box turns into music box.
Whether it’s country music, rock and roll, or the Latin
beat, let a budding musician strum their own tune and do it their way.

Materials Needed for Down Home Gee-Tar:

Cereal box


6 silver keys

Paint: brown, red and black

1 rubber valve seal

4 large color rubber bands

4 curlicue stickers

1 dowel

4 white nail heads

Black cord

Here’s how:

Cut round hole in box
Cut hole on top of box to slip pole through
Paint interior of box red
Paint exterior of box brown
Paint pole black
Cut 4 slits at top of pole
Glue 6 keys to pole
Glue pole to box
Slip 4 rubber bands through slits and
Pull bands down and around box