Do Not Disturb

Posted on March 17, 2014 in Project Archives | Comments Off on Do Not Disturb

Don’t just collect those mini shopping bags to be used again when you need them. Give the bags longevity with a special meaning. Create a decorative Do Not Disturb sign ready to be hung on the guest room doorknob. Your tired visitors will thank you for it.

Materials Needed:

Mini shopping bag

Pieces of broken jewelry (optional)

Artificial flowers

Glue gun

White glue

Sand to weigh down bag



Lightweight color cards (optional)

Color markers and/or Puffy paint (optional)

Self-adhesive letters

Paper edger scissors

Regular scissors


Doilies (optional)

Woodpicks for flowers

Here’s how:

Using paper edger scissors, cut out shape of choice from lightweight color card (mine was oblong) press the adhesive letters to say: Do Not Disturb on the color card
Glue color card to bag
Using puffy paint or color markers decorate edge of color card and trim a corner with broken jewelry or artificial flowers
Add sand to bottom of bag to weigh it down
Wedge oasis into bag, laying it on top of sand
Arrange bouquet of flowers
Place moss to cover any oasis showing
Hang on door!