Book Mirror and Table

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This project is part of the Goddess of Garbage’s re-design of the 4R Learning Center for Children at South San Francisco Scavenger Company.  Click here to read more about that!

Materials Needed for Mirror and Table:

Children’s worn book covers

Green moss (fake)

Glue gun

Recycled wood, mirror, door and glass

Paint for radiators

Here’s how:

Cut door to size of table top
Cut and glue covers to wood frame and door
Make sure you pre-plan the sizes of the books for a sure fit
Leave 1/4″ space between covers for moss
Tuck and glue moss in between spaces
Finish off edges of the mirror (inside and exterior) and the edge of table with moss
Cut and place glass on top of table for protection

Materials Needed for Furry Stools:

4 car wheel rims


Plywood round seat 1/2″ thick

Foam rubber

Faux fur fabric for upholstery 1/2 yard 54″wide

Welding equipment (have a shop do this for you)

Here’s how:

Weld 2 car rims together
Measure inside of diameter or rim
Cut plywood and foam rubber to size
Cut and wrap fabric around round plywood and staple to bottom
Place plywood cushion top into opening

Materials Needed for Water Buddies:


Large moss ball (artificial)



Straight pins (long ones)

Tuna cans

Pebbles or sand for weight

Loose moss (artificial)

Glue gun


Rubber toy animal

Here’s how:

Wrap raffia around moss ball, criss-crossing as you rotate the ball
(Don’t cover completely, allow green moss to show through)
Criss-cross rope in different directions over raffia
Use straight pins to hold rope in place
Using the glue gun, wrap and glue rope around tuna can until completely covered
Fill can to top with pebbles to weigh it down
Glue loose moss around edge of can
Glue moss ball to top of moss and pebbles (use enough glue on rope to adhere it to the moss and pebbles)
Glue and place rubber toy (I used ducks) on top of ball