Bloomin’ Bag

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For a personal touch, this flower arrangement is perfect for a powder room, vanity area or woman’s bedroom.

A framed reproduction of a classic piece of artwork partners up with a vintage 1950 lizard handbag touching that special place in a woman’s heart as a remembrance of things past.

Materials Needed for Flower Arrangement:

Vintage handbag

Handle, if missing (mine was a chain)

2 Oasis

2 1/2 “ standard hair pins

Selection of artificial flowers, leaves, berries, twigs




Here’s how:

Weigh down the purse with pebbles for balance
Wedge oasis into purse, trim off excess
Skewer oasis, if needed, to hold pieces together
Arrange the artificial flowers
Secure moss with 2 ½” hair pins, carving the oasis
Attach handle to purse if needed

Materials Needed for Framed Artwork:

Frame (mine is 12” x 14”) with glass

A copy of a classic art piece (mine is Van Gogh Sunflower)

Mat board

Mat knife

Spray paint (mine is chocolate color)

Fine steel wool

Glazier push pins

Here’s how:

Put glass aside for later use
Lightly sand frame
Spray paint, let dry
Cut mat board for art piece
Tape art piece into mat opening
Put glass, matted art piece and cardboard backing into place
Secure all with glazier push pins