A Go To File Folder

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Go To File Folder

Collect and organize your favorite
recipes or ideas in this file folder.
It is so good looking, leave it out on the counter or shelf for easy access.

Materials Needed:

File folder

Decorative paper

Clear contact paper

Medium weight cardboard

3/4 yard of 1/2″ grosgrain ribbon


White glue

Here’s How:

  • Cut flap off file folder
  • Cut 3 cardboard pieces: 2 for each side, 1 for accordion bottom
  • Tape 3 pieces together, placing bottom in middle
  • Cover 3 pieces with decorative paper & then clear contact paper
    (so it then can be wiped clean)
  • Cut ribbon in half leaving enough to tie bow at the top for closing
  • Glue each half to the middle inside of each side
  • Glue 3 cardboard pieces to cover the file folder sides and bottom